When does a temporary driver fit your needs?

Employment in the trucking industry means a lot of things these days, but one of the most important things is the number of opportunities there are for truck drivers. They have so many options as far as industry, region, temporary work, or using a logistics staffing agency. But as a business, what are your options?


Let’s first consider your needs, are you looking for somebody long-term or maybe just a temporary truck driver? Let’s take that one step further: If you answered the former, you may have a full-time vacancy you need to fill quickly and want to make sure you get the right person in the front seat. Maybe you answered the latter, in that case, you may be interested in hiring a temp driver because you have a driver shortage, a seasonal need, or maybe vacation/LOA coverage. Today, we will explore the idea of what it looks like to hire a short term truck driver and if they have what it takes to fulfill your specific needs.


Hiring a short term truck driver rather than a full-time employee does have its perks. For example, we must first consider the immense time savings in getting a driver to work, and therefore, less down time on equipment. This is widely beneficial for the simple fact that not having a driver in the seat costs the company money. For example, a tractor costs money when it sits vacant and makes money when it is actively in-use and getting a job done! The next reason we see value in hiring temp drivers is that it gives the company an opportunity to test out a particular driver before making the commitment, in the form of cost and time, to hiring a driver full time onto their payroll.


If you’re not completely on-board quite yet, listen to this: At Empire, our drivers are fully vetted with complete DQ files. Including verification of employment, clearing house, drug tests, background checks etc. Plus, all of our drivers are Pro-Tread safety trained!


Therefore, at Empire, hiring temporary drivers does have its perks, and if one or all of these reasons to hire them are of interest to you, then we think a temporary driver is exactly what you need!


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