Empire Workforce Welcomes Aii

Empire Workforce Solutions Welcomes: American International Industries

Empire Workforce Solutions Welcomes: American International Industries


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Great news! Empire Workforce Solutions has partnered with American International Industries to assist them with their staffing needs. Empire is looking to rollover nearly 600 people from American International Industries to the company.

Empire Workforce Solutions – Leading Staffing Agency of Choice

Empire Workforce Solutions is the right partner of choice when it comes to providing employers and employees with safe and meaningful opportunities. The company has a widespread knowledge of local markets and an extensive reach across the nation.

Here at Empire, the company cares deeply about creating authentic connections and understand the critical role people play in the workplace. The company has a time proven, client-specific recruiting process that’s designed to fill businesses and organizations with skilled individuals. Moreover, the company’s mission is to assist both small and large companies find hardworking and dedicated employees to help the companies excel tremendously.

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Employers interested in partnering with Empire Workforce Solutions will find a variety of staffing services such as professional staffing services, transportation staffing services, and skilled trade staffing services. By partnering with Empire, the company makes it easy for businesses to staff up or staff down depending on business fluctuations and controlling costs. When you partner with Empire, you’ll find that the costs related to the hiring, benefits, retirement, taxes, and long-term compensation will significantly drop.

The team at Empire works closely with the employer’s talent acquisition team, human resources, and the hiring manager team to make sure that the employer receives the best contingent staffing solutions support for their workforce. Empire handles every aspect of the contingent support from the recruiting process to the onboarding and safety process to the ongoing satisfaction of the client.

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American International Industries – Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Choice

With 45 years of experience in the beauty industry, American International Industries is the leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative, high-quality beauty and skin care products for men and women. The company has over 60 brands and 60 million+ products manufactured in the retail, beauty-supply, grocery, boutique, and specialty markets in over 180 countries.

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Some of the company’s product lines include big names like SuperNail, Tres Flores, Ardell, China Glaze, EzFlow, Fright Night, GiGi, and ProLinc. The company is committed to creating innovative, market-driven products that provide high-quality and value to the consumer.

The headquarters of American International Industries is located in Los Angeles, CA and is part of the Personal Care Products Manufacturing Industry. The location is filled with executive and administrative offices, warehouses, and on-site manufacturing and distribution facilities. The company has a total of 1,100 employees and generates $203.92 million in sales.

Welcome to Empire Workforce, AII Employees!

It is our pleasure to welcome the employees of the American International Industries into the Empire Workforce Solutions family. Without the hard work and dedication of the employees, the successful partnership with American International Industries would not be possible. Our goal for employees is to make sure that their work environment is safe, enjoyable, and rewarding.

All American International Industries employees must complete their enrollment by Wednesday, November 25th, 2020. A link will be sent immediately to the employees to begin the application process. Empire Workforce Solutions representatives will also be onsite to assist employees with the application process. For employees, the first day of employment with Empire Workforce Solutions will begin on November 30th, 2020. Employees will receive a $10 gift card once the onboarding process is completed.

If you are an applicant looking for work, click here to apply today!

Please contact us at 323-358-2304 if you have any questions.

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